Contrary to common beliefs, applying for a grant is a complex task, and it is well worth to avail professional help during both the application process and project implementation. The management service includes:

– elaboration of the application documents which needs:

– special knowledge (finance, accountancy, technical, legal)

– ability to interpret the call for applications and link applicants’ needs to the terms of the call

– technical expertise

– project management, meaning:

– implementing project targets in line with the rules of the call

– within the set time and cost limits

– solutions for other business problems possibly affecting grant beneficiaries.

Project and grant management services offered to cluster members:

Partner management

– building of client profile, contact

– analysis of client’s activities from a development perspective

– checking of and consultancy on client’s ability for grant application (pre-qualification, comparison of client’s needs and grant terms, advice on administrative and technical requirements, timing, financial effects)

– brainstorming, project creation

– scouting calls for tenders

Monitoring calls for applications

– regular checking of publications of call for applications to provide our clients with personalized notifications of relevant grant opportunities

Preparing grant applications

– summarizing grant terms and conditions

– concept development, elaboration of technical and financial programme (feasibility study)

– drafting project documentation

Project management

– support in contracting with grant provider

– development of procedures and documentation to be in line with grant terms and conditions

– permanent availability for consultancy with clients and other partners, contact with the Intermediate Body

– verification of all documents and contracts from the grant’s perspective, document management and review

– advice on pledges on equal treatment and sustainability

– control of implementation and financial processes

– elaboration of intermediate technical and financial reports

– change management, preparation of notifications

– preparation of maintenance reports during the implementation period

– participation in on-site reviews


– preparation of project maintenance report and final project maintenance report

– evaluation of project results