Business skills

Business skills

Todays the need for competence development in running a business is highly apparent in almost any sectors. Similarly, companies in health industries are also in need of help in developing their management skills, as their business competencies are usually weak, as opposed to their professional ones. As a part of the cluster service we regularly provide short trainings and workshops on topical issues. Our trainers are either skilled lecturers at higher education institutions having business experience or other experts of the topic, with whom we established good working relationship during the past years.

Part of our trainings targets particularly the starting of new businesses, serves as a foundation for financial and entrepreneurial skills (basic financial institutions and products, legal environment, entrepreneurship and business decisions). Our thematic trainings are also very popular. These aim at empowering entrepreneurs to make well-founded decisions backed by their knowledge of the elements of their business and the full business process. In these trainings the group is either familiarized with a tool or business feature and members can learn also from each other’s example. Our most popular trainings are:

  • accountancy and tax consultancy
  • entrepreneurship and consultation
  • finance and IT
  • strategy and planning
  • negotiation techniques and partner management
  • courses on Excel (decision and financial planning, data management and analysis, controlling)
  • internet as a resource (search, appearance, advertisement)

For new entrepreneurs, the starting phase of a business is always a critical period. Thus the Cluster as a community finds it extremely important to offer mentoring opportunities for the entrepreneur-to-be. Either an experienced businessman of the Cluster or the cluster management itself acts as a tutor for the young entrepreneurs in the period when they face the problems of launching a new venture. In this way, apart from the general support (legal, financial, tax, strategy etc. consultancy) they can receive tailor-made advices on their real life decisions from an expert in the specific area.

With similar objective have the cluster started a trainee programme to give young graduates an on-the-jobs opportunity to develop their professional and business skills. Within the cluster cooperation the we support the hosting and training process in certain personal and organisational issues, we also aim to provide the trainees the opportunity to get insights to more than one company during their stay.